Monday, June 9, 2008

The lord parama siva worship very importent places
The panchabootha sthalas (‘pancha’ – meaning 5, ‘bootha’ – meaning elements (earth, water, fire, wind and space) and ‘sthala’ meaning location).
They are Thiruvanaikaval(Water) ,Tiruvannamalai (fire), Chidambaram (Space), Kanchipuram (Earth) and Kalahasti (Air) respectively

  1. Jambukeswarar Temple at Tiruvanaikka - Water
  2. Sri Kalahasthi Temple at Srikalahasthi - Air
  3. Ekambareswarar Temple at Kanchipuram - Earth
  4. Chidambaram Natarajar Temple at Chidambaram - Space
  5. The Annamalaiyar Temple at Tiruvannamalai - Fire

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k.devanand said...

I want to know about how many panja bootham sthalams are there "ex: there are 16 jothir lingams in india" like this how many other lingams are there and why they are located pls kindly help me to know this
thanking you
rasamani shiddar